May 14, 2024 –
May 25, 2024

May 26, 2024 –
June 5, 2024

(program dates subject to change)

All full time faculty at any level or in any discipline may apply.

Applicants must have a current passport which expires no earlier than December 6, 2024.

Air, room, & most meals

February 20, 2024

The awardees for the Summer 2020 Faculty Fellowship Program in Israel were:

Professor Mary Anne Amalaradjou, Food Safety, University of Connecticut

Professor Robert Arnold, Drug Discovery and Development, Auburn University

Professor Maria Auad, Chemical Engineering, Auburn University

Professor Smitesh Bakrania, Mechanical Engineering, Rowan Engineering

Professor Emily Burns, Art & Art History, Auburn University

Professor Yong Chen, Molecular and Cellular Biosciences, Rowan University

Professor Carolyn Dimitri, Nutrition and Food Studies, New York University

Professor Lisa Dunkley, Counseling and Human Services, East Tennessee State University

Professor Stella Flores, Administration, Leadership & Technology, New York University

Professor David Gang, Biological Chemistry, Washington State University

Professor Gennady Gor, Chemical and Materials Engineering, New Jersey Institute of Technology

Professor Amelia Greig, Mechanical Engineering, University of Texas El Paso

Professor Kulbhushan Grover, Plant and Environmental Sciences, New Mexico State University

Professor Irena Kofman, Music/Keyboard Studies, Florida Atlantic University

Professor Sudarshan Kurwadkar, Civil and Environmental Engineering, California State University Fullerton

Professor Rongfang Liu, Transportation Engineering, New Jersey Institute of Technology

Professor Richard Ludescher, Food Science, Rutgers University

Professor Yusuf Mehta, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Rowan University

Professor Saikat Pal, Biomedical Engineering, New Jersey Institute of Technology

Professor Jill Perry, STEM Education, Rowan University

Professor Jennifer Rich, Study of the Holocaust, Genocide and Human Rights, Rowan University

Professor Matt Rodgers, Management, Ithaca College

Professor Upal Roy, Health and Biomedical Science, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

Professor Charles Schutte, Environmental Science, Rowan University

Professor Frank Shih, Computer Science, New Jersey Institute of Technology

Professor Ludovic Trinquart, Biostatistics, Boston University

Professor Daowei Zhang, Forestry and Wildlife, Auburn University

Professor Richard Zhao, Pathology, University of Maryland Baltimore

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